Convive Blonde 3.9%

Gentleman's Nectar Pale Ale - pale, brewed with all American hops for a light hoppy finish - 4.2%

Sticky beak- Aus Pale - Pale ale brewed with all Australian hops for a floral and fruity flavour and aroma. 4.2%

Down Set Go (new) APA 5.5%

Campfire Porter 7%





Single Blonde – 3.5% light ale, slightly dry bitterness with a hint of vanilla.

West Coast IPA – 4% pale ale. A blend of four hops gives a light, citrus character.

Monument – 4.1% smooth balanced bitter with a berry fruit character.

Mocha Milk Stout – 6% Rich and chocolaty stout with notes of coffee and vanilla.

English Pale Ale – 3.8% All English malts and hops creating an easy-drinking golden pale ale.

Northern Porter – A 4.5% rich and dark porter, subtly smoky and conditioned on toasted French oak.

Silver Dollar – 4.9% hoppy American ale with lasting bitterness and citrus kick.  

Helix – 5% Czech style lager with a crisp clean finish and a bold malty taste.

80* North – 4.5% Northern session amber with a sweet caramel malt base

East Coast IPA – 4% A session IPA with healthy lashings of Atahnum and Crystal hops, creating a floral beer with a grapefruit zing.

Coconut Porter  - 4.3% A massively sweet and smokey porter flavoured with helpful amounts of toasted coconuts.

Motueka Dollar – 5% A hybrid of New Zealand and USA hops, part of our single hop series. Creating a zesty and full bodied pale ale.





Collingwood 4.1% - Pale Ale. Pale &  honey soaked in colour with a sweet 'tangerine' aroma from the finishing hop. Light and soft bodied with a citrus zest/fresh pinewood flavour.

Gold Tankard 4.0% - Fresh clean flavour with a hint of grapefruit citrus from the Willamette late hops.

Bitter 3.8% - Best Bitter

Red Kite 4.5% - A ruby ale in the style of a traditional 'scotch' where the hops are balanced with residual maltiness to give subtle hop character and a rich palate.

Jakehead 6.3% - Award winning IPA, Rich/bright & amber/bronze with lots of American hop aroma. Distinctly bittersweet on the palate with a massive hop complexity.

Cascade 4.1% Single malt/triple hop. American pale ale brewed with masses of new season USA Cascade! Huge notes of pink grapefruit & sherbet lemon.   

Galatia 3.9% Super-light extra pale ale which is double hopped with new season Australian Galaxy & NZ Pacifica. A fresh clean orange shred aroma with peach and apricot.

Dr Rudi 3.8% Super Sessionable southern hemisphere pale. With big Dr Rudi blasts of peach and apricot.

Angel 4.3% Pale copper ale is a well balanced bitter with a citrus character in the aroma and finish given by the Cascade hop.





APA  - 5.1% - Our semi-permanent pale ale. Finest US hops combine giving big tropical flavour, big aroma and classic APA style bitterness.

Oats & Milk Stout - 4.6% - Our local only seasonal Oatmeal Stout. Dark roasted malt combed with naked oats and the added sweetness of lactose creating a sweet, smooth and full bodied stout.

Smoking Gun - 4.6% - Bavarian-style smoked beer coming in at 4.6%. This dark ale blends German smoked malt, peat smoked malt, beach smoked pale malt and oak smoked wheat to give a roasted, savoury smooth flavour. Once brewed, the beer has also been injected with fresh hickory smoke.

Chocolate & Vanilla Stout  - 6% - Big bodied oatmeal stout with a blend of chocolate and roasted malts with post boil additions of cacao nibs. Vanilla pods are added to balance out the chocolate bitterness. 







Name % Brewery
Bee Sting 7.50% Lilleys Cider
Apples & Pears 5.20% Lilleys Cider
Gladiator 9.40% Lilleys Cider
Merry Monkey Scrumpy 4.50% Lilleys Cider
Wild Dog 7.50% Lilleys Cider
Cheeky Pig 7.50% Lilleys Cider
Mango 4% Lilleys Cider
Strawberry 4% Lilleys Cider
Lemon & Lime 4% Lilleys Cider
Vintage Cider 7% Sandford Orchard
The General 8.40% Sandford Orchard
Fannys Bramble 4% Gwynt Y Ddraig
Bumbleberry 4% Gwynt Y Ddraig
Black Dragon 7.20% Gwynt Y Ddraig
Dog Dancer 6.50% Gwynt Y Ddraig
Ruby Tuesday 4.50% Celtic Marches Beverages
Badgers Spit 7.50% Chant's Cider
Chilli Ginger 4% Cockeyed Cider
Apple & blackberry  4% Lilleys Cider
Farmers Pride  5.30% Gwynt Y Ddraig


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